Studio Granny Flat Designs and Floor Plans

Studio granny flats provide a cost-effective, minimalistic option for homeowners looking for a bit of extra space. Their small size makes them cheaper and easier to build than regular granny flats. Choosing a studio granny flat gives you the opportunity to boost your property value, or gain additional income through renting. If this sounds like your style, Granny Flats WA offers premade or custom designs for studio granny flats to suit any lifestyle.

How much does it cost to build a studio granny flat?

Studio granny flats are the most cost-effective choice among granny flats. Costs are influenced by the size, design and materials used. Studio granny flats are self-contained units. They are uniquely designed to incorporate a bedroom, kitchen, and living space in one room, and a small bathroom in another. How big or small you choose to make this space will ultimately affect the price. Have a chat with our team for an obligation-free quote for how much it will cost to bring your dream to life.

Studio granny flat requirements

Studio granny flats are more suitable for smaller properties with less space for a granny flat. A granny flat’s allowable size used to be based on the size of your house’s lot size. However, the minimum lot size in WA will be removed in April 2024 due to recent amendments. Studio granny flats are well-suited to smaller lot sizes since they are more compact. Studio granny flats have similar requirements to other granny flat types when it comes to their primary requirements and building approvals.


When it comes to studio style granny flats, you’ll need to consider your design and space carefully. It’s all well and good to have everything in one room, but it needs to be comfortable if someone is going to live in it. Design features could include getting creative with storage or multi-purpose furniture. Fold-away tables and beds, or chairs and couches with hidden storage can make the studio more spacious, attractive to guests or tenants, and help you get the most out of your granny flat’s interior.

What are the benefits of a studio granny flat?

A studio granny flat is cheaper to build than a larger granny flat. If you’re living on a small property, a studio might be the solution to expand your space without taking a huge chunk out of your backyard. Studio spaces are perfectly habitable if you don’t mind compromising on space, which is why they’re such an attractive granny flat design. You can even rent it out long-term or as an Airbnb to generate an alternative stream of income. They’re especially suitable for people who aren’t home much, or prefer an easily managed, compact living arrangement. Another benefit is that studio granny flats have a flexible range of designs. From building materials, to layouts, to portable granny flats you get choices that don’t always accompany traditional homes, or even larger granny flats.


They appeal to renters looking to save money. While a studio granny flat is not being utilised as a residence, it can make a great office or hobby room.

Studio granny flat designs

Studio granny flats are designed to be more compact but contain everything necessary for a dwelling. They feature an open plan with the living room, bedroom and kitchen in one space and the bathroom and laundry separate. Depending on the layout, they may also have a small deck or outdoor area. Both pre-made and custom are options with us at Granny Flats WA. Have a look at some of our most popular studio granny flat designs.

Studio Apartment Granny Flat Floor Plan – 19.80m2


This 5500mm by 3600mm studio apartment is a popular choice for granny flat builders. It offers two options for roof designs–gable and skillion–and a layout that includes a verandah. The first roof option, a skillion roof, is a design featuring a single plane roof surface, rather than two sloped sides meeting in the middle like a regular gable roof. Skillion roofs are not flat. Instead, they are sloped, providing a modern and architectural look. 

This 19.80m2 studio also gives you the option of a verandah. Depending on your space limitations, a verandah or patio is a great way to make a studio feel more like a house. It offers extra space for outdoor seating, plus it comes with the gabled roof.

Apartment studio granny flat floor plan


Protea Bedsitter Studio Granny flat Floor Plan – 27m2


The Protea Headsitter studio is a comfortable 6000mm by 4500mm. It boasts a skillion roof, large doors, and cleverly designed interior. The studio layout features a spacious living and kitchen area with a raked ceiling. The ceiling design follows the natural shape and trusses of the building, instead of having a flat ceiling, which allows the space to feel more open and benefit from better airflow. 


The bathroom and laundry are tucked into the side of the building, providing privacy and function in one. With plenty of windows to let the light in, this studio granny flat layout doesn’t leave much to be desired.

Protea bedsitter studio granny flat floor plan

Protea Bedsitter – 27m2

Subiaco Bedsitter Studio Granny Flat Floor Plan – 21m2

The Subiaco bedsitter granny flat is a 3000mm by 6000mm studio optimised for comfort and efficiency. Its rectangular design fits neatly into any property. Equipped with a modest living space and generous bathroom, this design is modern and low maintenance. It even features a wardrobe for clothes or extra storage.
subiaco bedsitter studio granny flat floor plan

Subiaco Bedsitter – 21m2

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