Granny Flat Display Homes

Granny flat display homes are a great way to get an idea of what your future granny flat could look and feel like, what modifications you may want to make, and gain an insight into different style options. We have a range of granny flat display homes to peruse at our Booragoon showroom.

Play Video about The exterior of Granny Flat WA's "The Dalkeith" display home.

The Dalkeith


This display from Granny Flats WA showcases a variety of deluxe design options. 

Between the raked ceilings, stone benchtops and deluxe bathrooms, the Dalkeith is a great source of inspiration for anyone looking to build a fancier granny flat.

The video tour of this granny flat display home shows how a floor plan becomes a luxurious reality.

Play Video about Open plan kitchen and living area from the Subiaco granny flat display home

The Subiaco

The Subiaco is a display that gives you a feel for what a smaller granny flat would be like. 
It’s a cosy, compact 1 bedroom granny flat with a total size of 36.5sqm. It provides you with great examples of how to use a limited amount of space effectively. 
In the video, our granny flat display exemplifies how less can sometimes be more.
Play Video about White exterior of the dianella granny flat display home

The Dianella 

Granny Flats WA’s Dianella display provides you with a sample of some standard fittings and fixtures available.

It’s a great way to get familiar with the basics  of a granny flat before you decide on additional features to use in your custom design.

This video tour lets you see why this simple and elegant granny flat display home is so popular.

What are the benefits of visiting a granny flat display home?

Visiting a granny flat display home is a helpful way to prepare for building your granny flat. You can think of it as a try-before-you-buy that helps you feel secure in your design choices.

Seeing designs

Visiting a granny flat display home exposes you to a variety of granny flat designs. This allows you to examine certain features and determine whether to include or exclude them from your design. They may even provide you with inspiration for new features to include.


Examining construction

Seeing a granny flat display home allows you to examine the construction elements of a granny flat. You can familiarise yourself with the different construction techniques and figure out what suits you. If you are interested, you may ask about the brands used for the building materials. It is a helpful way to see what level of quality the builder in question brings to their work and whether you desire their services. 


Sense of space

A granny flat display home is the best way to get an accurate idea of space. Floor plans tell you the exact measurements of the rooms, and photos show you what they look like. But this only gives you a rough idea compared to walking through a granny flat. Moving through the space provides a clearer picture of the spatial arrangement. 


Ability to ask questions

Visiting a granny flat display home gives you the opportunity to ask questions. If you visit the Granny Flats WA showroom in Booragoon, you’ll be given a walk-through of the display granny flats by one of our resident specialists. This gives you the perfect opportunity to ask questions about granny flats, the building process, budget, and planning permissions

Building a granny flat is a significant project, so it’s helpful to get as much information as possible. This gives you additional reassurance and helps you make the best decisions.


Where can I find a granny flat display home?

Granny Flats WA has a range of granny flat display homes for you to visit. We are WA’s premier granny flat builder and have been helping clients to build their desired granny flats for decades. Our granny flat display homes give you a clear idea of our dedication to great design and high-quality building.


Contact us if you’re interested, or visit some of our fantastic granny flat display homes shown above.