Granny Flat Designs & Floor Plans

Granny Flats Floor Plans

The design of a granny flat determines its appearance and utilisation. Granny flats come in a variety of sizes – Granny Flats WA creates granny flats from studio, all the up to large entertainer granny flats

There are many design factors to consider, such as cost, size, materials and number of bedrooms. When choosing a design for a granny flat, it is important to know what you will be using it for.

Open plan kitchen and living area from the Subiaco granny flat display home


bedroom with hardwood floor, white bed, ceiling fan, blue curtains and wooden blinds


White kitchen with wooden floor, silver fridge, white kitchen cabinets, stove, glass dining table and white chairs


Kitchen with wooden floor, two separate white countertops, red stand mixer and window


Room with brown wooden floor, piano an rows of shelving holding books and other decorations


How big can a granny flat be in Perth?


WA law states that the maximum size for a granny flat is 70m². Some local councils give special allowances for building bigger granny flats (up to 100m²). These exceptions are typically for larger properties or properties in rural areas. The size of your granny flat determines how many bedrooms it can have. A granny flat will need to be larger to accommodate a higher number of bedrooms. The size of your granny flat will also be determined by the lot size you’re building on. Contacting your local council is the best way to know exactly what size requirements and limits your granny flat will have. 


How to submit granny flat designs in Perth?

Granny flat designs are submitted as part of planning approval in WA. The plans are submitted to the local council and will either be approved or returned with necessary amendments. The plans must be in line with legislation, such as the local planning scheme and the R-codes. These guidelines exist to manage land use and property development in Perth.


Granny Flats WA takes care of the entire approvals process for clients, ensuring that paperwork is optimally organised, submitted and approved.


How do you design a custom granny flat in Perth, WA?

To design a custom granny flat in Perth, you must enlist a qualified architect or building designer. This ensures the building design is safe and in line with the relevant guidelines. You can discuss the specifics of what you want for your granny flat with the designer. Once a design has been established, the plans are drafted before being submitted.


Granny Flats WA offers custom designs and drafting so you can make your dream into reality.


What can you include in a custom granny flat design?

A variety of features can be included in your custom granny flat. These are determined by the granny flat purpose. If you are designing a granny flat to rent out, you should emphasise appropriate features for a living situation. Beyond the necessities like a kitchen, bathroom and laundry, you can include features like increased built-in storage space and useful home appliances. If you plan to use it as a hobby room or guest house for visitors, this probably isn’t as much of a priority. 


Which materials are used to build granny flats in Perth?

Different materials can be used to build a granny flat. The materials used can have an impact on the price. You may opt for cheaper materials to lower the building cost or premium materials to make the granny flat more appealing. Certain councils place restrictions on materials used and require them to be matched to the house. 


What are granny flat floor plans?

The floor plan of a granny flat is a technical drawing that includes the dimensions and layout of the rooms within the granny flat. The dimensions make sure that all of the sizings are appropriate whilst the layout will determine the number of bedrooms and the features that will be included. Generic floor plans can be used for a granny flat, or a design can be customised. Granny Flats WA offers both pre-made floor plans and the option to customise your design. Our floor plans range from studio granny flats to four-bedroom granny flats. 

View some granny flats designs below, or contact us to see which floor plans may be best suited to you.


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