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Granny Flat Council Fees

Council fees are a necessary part of the granny flat building process. Before you start building, your plans need to be approved by the local council to ensure your project adheres to local laws and restrictions. Failing to pay council fees could cause major construction setbacks and financial repercussions, so understanding the intricacies of these

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Is Australia in a Housing Crisis?

Australia is definitely in the midst of a housing crisis right now. A growing population coupled with high housing demand has driven rental prices sky-high. Currently, Australian residents are finding it impossible to secure safe and affordable housing. Several other issues, like low wages and ineffective government policies have also contributed toward the current situation.

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Granny Flats vs. Dual Occupancy: Which Should You Choose?

Choosing to build a dual occupancy or a granny flat depends on your individual lifestyle goals. Dual occupancies provide passive income, increase property value, and create additional living space for guests or relatives. However, the approval process for dual occupancies is difficult and may incur additional expenses outside of construction. Granny flats are classified as

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What are the Best Granny Flat Renovation Ideas?

There are a wide range of options when it comes to renovating your granny flat. Upgrading kitchens and bathrooms, modernising spaces, and adding extensions do wonders to increase your property value and aesthetic. Renovating your granny flat provides a comfortable and inviting living space for family members, guests, or tenants. However, before embarking on your

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