Are Smart Granny Flats Worth It?

Smart Granny flats can be an excellent investment for homeowners and granny flat residents. Regular home functions, such as light switches, can be controlled remotely from a central system. With a smart granny flat, homeowners invite convenience, comfort, and security to their everyday living. However, the costs of building a smart granny flat may seem daunting, depending on what kind of system you’d like. That being said, incorporating small amounts of smart technology and building up is entirely feasible and possibly more affordable. Granny Flats WA is one of the top granny flat builders in WA. Our experts have got your project covered from design conception to construction.

What is smart home technology?

Smart home technology allows homeowners to remotely control their home’s comfort and security. It typically involves a central device, such as a phone or tablet, using an app to operate individual home functions. They often operate using interactive voice commands, allowing for a hands free experience. Smart functions include lights, window blinds, security cameras, and air conditioners. As long as they have an internet connection, smart homeowners can easily control different aspects of their house. Smart home appliances, like light switches, sensors, alarm clocks, and heating and cooling systems, are able to adapt to homeowner’s routines, either through self-learning or pre-set schedules. Smart technology even includes emergency systems which contact authorities in emergencies. 

Is smart home technology safe?

As with all technology, there is a degree of risk that comes with having smart devices in your home. Although smart homes may provide increased security through smart cameras and emergency alert technology, they are also vulnerable to hacking, just like phones or computers. Without proper security measures, your system and personal data could be at risk. However, there are several safety measures you can take to potentially avoid this issue. Firstly, setting strong passwords and changing them often helps prevent hackers from accessing your home data. Secondly, updating your smart devices regularly ensures you always have the latest security patches and bug fixes. You can also install firewall and antivirus software to protect your devices against malware or unauthorised access. 

What are the benefits of having a smart granny flat?

Building a smart granny flat comes with a range of advantages. From home convenience, to increased property value, smart technology brings a wealth of new opportunities. Not only can you control everything in the granny flat remotely, you’ll also benefit from increased monitoring and security. 


Operating the key functions of your home with nothing but an internet connection is pretty convenient. This feature is especially helpful if your granny flat is housing elderly relatives. They will be able to use their voice to control things like lights and air conditioning, without having to get up. In this case, your granny flat may also be programmed to alert the main house if an emergency occurs. Smart technology also helps by allowing residents to set routines. For example, during winter, you can set the heater to come on fifteen minutes before you arrive home, warming the house. If you’re renting out your granny flat, or using it as an Airbnb, the style and comfort of smart technology could also attract more tenants. 


Smart granny flats bring more appeal by increasing the safety of residents. With cameras, or smart home sensors, guests or tenants may feel a little safer at home. By installing a doorbell camera, guests can check who is at the door before answering, or record audio and video at the touch of a button. If you, as a homeowner, also have access to the central control app or website, you may be alerted to emergencies like break-ins. You may also be able to remotely lock doors and windows even if you’re not home.

White home kitchen with lights turned on

What are the drawbacks of smart granny flats?

Although smart technology is advantageous, there are some drawbacks when installing it in a granny flat. The main disadvantage is you’ll typically need consistent internet access to run your home. If your connection is unstable, or you don’t get good coverage at your location, you may experience difficulties operating your granny flat. What’s more, the initial integration of smart home systems may be more costly than simply installing traditional home accessories. Lastly, you’ll need a good grasp on your smart home system and the necessary technology to use it properly. It requires a steep learning curve to make the cost of the system worthwhile. 

How much does it cost to build a smart granny flat?

The cost of building a smart granny flat depends on a number of factors. There are many smart home systems available on the market, at varying prices. Systems differ in size, features, and efficiency. The two primary types of smart home systems are wireless and hardwired. A wireless system relies on Wi-Fi to run and is generally less expensive to install. They are more flexible, with individual components being able to relocate throughout the home as needed. A hardwired smart home system, on the other hand, needs to be interconnected with wires running through the house. These systems are more expensive to install, but tend to be more reliable than wireless smart technology. The wires are attached directly to the central operation hub, allowing less interference from other signals and or devices. The type of smart home system you get will usually have the largest impact on the cost of building a smart granny flat.

Can I incorporate smart technology into an existing granny flat?

You can certainly incorporate smart technology into an existing granny flat. Although it might be costly to install a wired system in the wall, wireless technology can be set up easily. Whether you’re only getting certain smart devices, or an entire system, you shouldn’t encounter too many issues as long as all of your technology is compatible. Although we see many smart homes with lots of devices, you can start small and work your way up, adding devices as you go. This allows you time to understand what technology your granny flat will benefit from most.

If you’re ready to start your granny flat journey, Granny Flats WA is here to help. With over 20 years experience in the Perth metropolitan area, we know a thing or two about building quality granny flats. We’ll walk you through the whole process, from design, to construction, to warranties. Chat to the friendly Granny Flats team for more information about building granny flats in WA.