Can I Convert a Garage into a Granny Flat?

We often get asked if we can convert a garage into a granny flat, and it makes sense – many garages are big enough to house a self-contained space. So let’s explore what you need to know about garage conversion for granny flats.

How big does my garage have to be for a granny flat?

We recommend a minimum granny flat size of 20m2. This is a liveable size that can accommodate a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and living area (the key components that make an ancillary dwelling, although we build studios that combine bedroom and living spaces). GFWA can create custom designs and builds, so we can work with you to maximise your space. Have a look at our floor plans to see some of our designs.

Designing your garage conversion into a granny flat.

Part of the reason GFWA has converted many garages is that we specialise in customising builds for a client, working with you to ensure that your lifestyle is represented in the new living space (or if you’re planning to rent it out, that it embodies your vision).

When working with a smaller space, the design is integral to maximising the area. Just because your granny flat has been created from a garage doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a feeling of roominess when inhabiting it.

Chat to one of our team members to explore the different ideas that could bring your garage to life.

How much does it cost to convert a garage to a granny flat?

It roughly costs the same amount to convert a garage to a granny flat as it does to build a freestanding granny flat. However, ultimately, accurate costs will require individual quoting as they’re dependent on personalised factors such as the existing structure. 

Bathroom with glass shower, towel rack and toilet on beige tiles
GFWA maximises the space of your granny flat.

Why would I want to convert my garage to a granny flat?

There are many reasons why people choose to invest in a granny flat. We recently wrote an article outlining many ways GFWA clients choose to utilise their granny flats. We’ve found that the most common reasons for building a granny flat tend to be for use either as a living space for elderly parents or young adult children or as an extra revenue stream through renting it out. 

Let GFWA do the heavy lifting.

Building a granny flat (or converting your garage to a granny flat) needs council approval, which can be an experience of convoluted red tape. However, partnering with GFWA means that you are relinquished from the burden of the approvals process – we take care of it all. 

Information is the critical ingredient to discovering how a granny flat could improve your property and lifestyle. We understand that everyone has their own needs and reasons for their interest. Have a chat with a team member or visit our showroom in Booragoon to get more in-depth and personalised information.