What is an Office Pod?

An office pod is a small, separate room built in the front or backyard of a property. It provides an isolated space for work, hobbies or exercise while freeing up rooms in the home. Office pods are built on a property as extensions or structures separate from the home. Building approvals may be necessary depending on their size, and building costs vary based on multiple factors. 

Here at Granny Flats WA, we’ve created granny flats that have been utilised as office pods. Workplace office pods and home office pods are different. In an office, an office pod refers to a small booth that employees use when they want to work privately. A home office pod is a structure built on your property, much like a granny flat. Granny flats are usually residences, whereas office pods are used for work or hobbies. But they’re still built in a similar way and go through many of the same approval processes for building. Whether it’s an office pod or a granny flat, Granny Flats WA can take care of it for you. 

Why build an office pod?

Building an office pod has many potential benefits. An office pod provides a private space for your chosen activities. Whether they are work or leisure activities, an office pod allows you to tackle them with minimal distractions. Office pods are customisable and able to contain all your preferred amenities. They frequently have an electrical supply and often include features like temperature control and soundproofing. 

Backyard office pods are built as extensions to the home or freestanding structures. This gives you more floor space and allows other rooms in the home to be freed up. Backyard office pods are a fantastic way to utilise the space in your backyard, and they provide a lovely view of the outdoors when being used. 

Building an office pod provides excellent financial benefits. A backyard office pod increases the value of a property by adding floor space, much like a granny flat. It also provides savings on money spent toward commuting or renting office space.

What can an office pod be used for?

An office pod has many potential uses. It works well for either work-related or private leisure pursuits.

Home office pods

Office pods are effective home offices and provide a private space, free from distractions to work in. Depending on your job, home office pods can be set up with the equipment necessary for your work. Amenities that help your productivity, such as soundproofing or a coffee machine, are other useful additions. With the work-from-home boom that’s come out of the Coronavirus pandemic, home office pods are able to help owners improve productivity and enjoy a dedicated workspace.

Hobbies and projects

Backyard office pods work well for personal hobbies or projects. Having a dedicated space helps you get engrossed in your passions. The isolated and serene setting of an office pod is great for promoting concentration. Creative pursuits, such as painting, creative writing or music, benefit from the office pod environment. Hobbies and leisure activities are also enjoyable in an office pod. It’s a great private space to relax while you read, watch movies or play video games.

Gym room

Backyard office pods make excellent home gyms. Including your preferred exercise equipment creates a dedicated exercise room for your fitness goals. Gym memberships are expensive, gyms are crowded, and the gym commute can be long. A private space for exercise saves you time and money. 


An office pod is not limited to a single purpose. You can optimise your office pod for multiple uses, like working in the morning and exercising in the evening. It also works well as a storage space (if there is enough spare room). 

Where can I build an office pod?

Office pods can be built on the outdoor space of your property. This will be your backyard or front yard, depending on where you have space available. The area you choose for the office pod must have suitable ground for building. A builder will let you know about this. You must also take into account the necessary regulations and guidelines when choosing a space as well. Ensuring your office pod is sufficiently far from fencing and boundaries is typically the main criteria to watch out for, so check with your local council

Home office with desk, chair, drawers, bookshelf and white rug

Do you need planning permission for an office pod in Australia?

Up until now, you would have needed planning approval from your council to build an office pod in Australia. However, new amendments will eliminate this requirement from April of 2024. While under certain circumstances, structures do not require approval to be built on your property, office pods will likely require building approval. The exact specifications vary by the local council. Size and height are commonly determining factors for whether approval will be necessary. If a structure is small enough, you may have the freedom to build it as you like. Beyond a certain size, an office pod will be subjected to similar criteria to a granny flat. However, office pods are not residences, so their guidelines aren’t as stringent.

How much is an office pod in Australia?

The cost of an office pod in Australia varies based on a few factors. A large office pod costs more because more materials are required. The building materials themselves also affect cost significantly. Some materials are more expensive but of higher quality, with increased durability. Better materials also provide an increase in property value. Design affects costs as well, with premade designs being cheaper than custom ones. Specific design features like soundproofing increase costs, but the amount varies on a case-to-case basis. 

Office pod designs

Office pods have both premade and custom designs available. Premade designs are cheaper and come with specifications that have already been approved. Our Entertainer granny flats can be used to serve the function of an office pod and have premade designs but can also be customised to fit your needs.

Some premade designs for office pods come as kits. Kits divide a structure into a series of parts that are put together upon delivery. A custom design costs more but allows you to create a backyard office pod that works perfectly for your purposes. Some office pods can be designed to be portable, in case you plan to move house and want to bring your pod with you. 

How to build an office pod

To build an office pod, you must contact a qualified building provider. The first step will be designing your office pod. If you are using a premade design, you simply provide it to the builder. A custom design needs to be drawn up by a qualified architect or designer. Let them know your intended use for the office pod with specifications, and they will create a plan for it. Architects and designers are aware of the necessary approvals and create designs that are in line with these. This makes applying for building permission easier. Once you have plans and they are approved, builders bring them to life. 

Granny Flats WA has been helping its customers build the granny flats of their dreams for many years. If you’re interested in putting an office pod on your property, then feel free to call us or get an obligation-free quote.